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It's Not Just Your Logo...

Professional branding defines the complete look and feel of your business.
It lays the foundation for a success and let's you stand out from your
competitors and gain attention of potential customers.

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Are You Established Or A Start-Up?

Whether you're an established business or just starting up,
we can create a professional branding package to support you.

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Finding Your Identity

We'll take the time to explore your products, services and competition. We'll Identify potential opportunities to provide you with a competitive advantage.

The best brands come from our creative expertise and your knowledge of your company and marketplace.

branding services dundalk bounce studios graphic design stationery

The Design

Based on our findings, we'll brainstorm a variety of potential solutions and sketch possible concepts that answer your brief.

We'll share our ideas and get initial feedback at this stage.

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The Development

We will implement your feedback from the meeting and refine your chosen concept.

Once you're happy, we can start to bring your brand to life by applying your branding to your agreed elements such as stationery, signage, websites and promotional material.

branding services dundalk bounce studios falconer auto dublin

The Delivery

Once the initial branding design is complete and we've provided you with your digital artwork, that's when your brand strategy & guidelines need to be considered to ensure that all of your companies marketing elements are consistent and performing at their best.

Questions & Answers

What makes a successful brand?
Achieving consistent branding across everything you produce is the key to success. A message and design can build trust and avoid customer confusion. A successful brand will connect with consumers and turn them into customers.
What are the benefits of having a successful brand?
The best brands stand out and generate a positive image for their company, even in the most competitive marketplace. Getting noticed over your competitors can see results such as improved marketing performance and higher ROI.
How long does it take to build a brand?
Establishing your brand can take months or even years of hard work. Our branding packages can kickstart that journey in the right direction, but it will only lay the foundations for you to build on. As your brand starts to develop, we'll be here to support you every step of the way.
I've got a logo, isn't that my brand?
No, It's a common misconception that logo design is the same as branding. Branding is about creating consistency across all your visual elements to create a certain look and feel for your company. Your logo is part of your brands 'kit of parts'. Your brand identity contains visual elements like colour palettes, fonts, icons and imagery, as well as information such as tone of voice and key messaging.
How often should I update my brand image?
A good brand should last the lifetime of your business. However, they usually require a minor freshening up approximately every 5 years to avoid becoming dated.
Can I afford to hire a professional branding company?
A good brand can end up saving you money! When creating your company's visual identity, it's important to work with someone that will ask the right questions to help you get to the right solution for your company. Your brand should last the lifetime of your company, so consider it to be more of a long term investment than a one-time quick fix. In our experience, a "budget service" normally ends in disappointment and additional costs. The saying "you get what you pay for" comes to mind in this situation. A budget service will get you a budget results and quite often companies have to pay again to fix poor branding 12 months down the line.