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Poster Design

Creative Poster Designs For Any Event.

Posters are a very powerful way of conveying to your audience a single key message.
Whether it's an advertising poster for a product or service or an informative one,
getting the message spot on is the key to a successful one.

bounce design studios, dundalk's leading graphic design studio

Get Your Message Across

Creative poster designs can be effective and will draw your audience in and convey your key marketing messages
quickly and in a way that the viewer will remember.

bounce design studios, dundalk's leading graphic design studio

Every Design Is Unique.

We don't use poster design templates. At Bounce Studios every poster we design is entirely bespoke.
We will ask you for a brief which will help us understand what you want your poster(s) to achieve.
From here we can begin producing a selection of creative poster ideas.
We will provide initial sketches to explore the creative direction.

bounce studios poster design dundalk graphic design posters

Keep It Simple

It's crucial to have a clear single key message for each poster. That way we can suggest the best options for the design. We might suggest images, illustrations and infographics to help get your message across.

These graphics, and our keen eye for using the appropriate typography will come together to create a poster that works and effectively conveys your message.

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Keep It Clean

In our experience, it's best not to over design a poster. Adding too much information can sometimes end up with your message getting lost.

Another thing to consider in your poster is the branding, you want your design to be easilly associated with your business. We'll look at your existing branding and ensure that the design works with the rest of your marketing materials.

poster design service dundalk bounce design studios

Don't Forget About Digital Media

Poster designs look amazing in print, but let's not forget the impact of digital.
We can also create digital versions of your poster which can be great to use in social media campaigns.

This will help to keep your marketing activity consistent. Having the same theme across print and digital formats can also maximise the exposure of the product, event or service your poster is advertising.

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