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Logo Design

The Cornerstone Of Your Business' Visual Brand.

You have one chance to make a first impression.
We'll make sure it's a memorable one.

bounce design studios, dundalk's leading graphic design studio

Why Do I Need A Professional Logo Design?

Unlike many logo designers, we take the time to learn and understand your business story
We look deeply at it's mission, vision, and your target audience.
From here we will create a list of goals which
the new identity needs to meet.

Stand Out From The Crowd...

The logo we create for your business won't just stand out from the crowd but will become a timeless expression of your brand identity.
Your professional logo design will successfully communicate, engage with, and retain your audience more effectively than before.

bounce design studios, dundalk's leading graphic design studio
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The Logo Design Brief

In order to design the perfect logo that targets the correct market and broadcasts the right message, we need to grasp a strong understanding of your business, competition and audience.

To do this, we will send you a research and data gathering questionnaire, which has been designed to get a better understanding of you, your business, competition and target audience.

logo design dundalk bounce studios graphic design dundalk louth

The Questionnaire

Click the link below to download our logo design questionnaire. The more information we have about your company, industry and needs the better we can focus your design.

We can also give you a more accurate estimate on design time and pricing.

Download the Questionnaire
logo design dundalk bounce design studios graphic design and print dundalk louth

Our Process

Once we have gathered your information, we can start the design process based on your needs. We will provide you with various mockups for you to decide which elements you like and from there we will refine the design.

We will work closely with you to ensure your understanding of our design process and that you are completely satisfied with the completed Logo.

From here you can enjoy all the added attention and benefits of Raising Your Game.

Questions & Answers

How much will it cost me to get a Logo Designed from you?
Although each design is different, our logo design process is the same for all clients. Costs will vary depending on numerous factors, Contact Us for a quick discussion about what you need and we will be able to provide you with a design estimate.
What if I come up with my own ideas for a Logo Design?
We welcome your input on your Logo Design at all times, and will create design concepts based on your ideas. We will also come up with various alternative suggestions too, and you can choose the one that is the best for the image of your product or company. We are experienced in gauging exactly what you want, and are able to translate it into an attractive and professional Logo Design.
Can I get my old Logo Design modified?
Yes, it is possible to work on an old logo design to give it a new and more suitable look & feel. Based on your existing logo and on your instructions and the new image you want to project. After completing our logo design questionnaire we would come up with various logo design options for you to choose from.
What about the copyright of my Logo Design?
Once you have ordered a logo design with us, and have made full payment, you are the legal outright copyright owner of the final logo design.You are able to trademark the Logo Design. However, Bounce Studios reserves the right to use your logo design for our own promotional purposes.
What will it cost me to have different sizes and backgrounds for my Logo Designs?
We provide different sizes of the Logo for printing in various mediums free of cost. We also send you a transparent background version so you can change background colors, on the basis of your needs.
How soon will I receive my Logo Design?
You would receive the first set of Logo Design concepts within two days of your payment, and from then, you choose the direction you want to go with your custom logo design. Usually we are able to finalize a logo after continued revisions within a week, depending on the range and extent of changes you want.