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Motion Graphics

Let Bounce tell your story through Animated Videos

We can create Animated Videos for Website Promotions or Social Media Advertising.
We can also create Animated Logo Stings for Facebook Headers & Apps.
Raise Your Game against the competition.

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Promo Video For Social Media

Motion Graphics can be used for a variety of promotional campaigns, from describing your service, to advertising your latest products.
These Videos are also made to suit whatever format you require, from 8K & 4K high end to Facebook and Youtube content.
This is a real opportunity to stand out from the crowd.

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Promo Videos For Social Media


Promotional Logo Sting

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Animated GIF's

Animated GIF's are a great way of bringing your logo to life and using very little bandwidth.

They can also be a good way to customise loading screens on your website as well as using them for eyecatching banner adverts.

We can do many amazing things with Animated GIF's if you want to discuss a project, please contact us and we can surely help.

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Promotional Logo Stings

Questions & Answers

We would like our logo animated into a Motion Graphic, Can You Do that?
Yes, Contact Us and we can discuss and give you more information on Motion Graphic Logo Stings.
How Much Do Motion Graphic Videos Cost?
The cost of the video can depend on many factors, Time involved working on the project, Length of the Video, Deadline Date etc. Contact Us for more information.
Can You Do a series of adverts for Facebook or Instagram?
We can create an Advertising Campaign with multiple Videos to promote products or services on Facebook or Instagram, we can even time when each video launches for maximum impact.
Why would I want animated GIF's?
These can be useful for Web Banner Advertising or Promotions on your Website or Social Media pages.